Modeled after a Japanese adult film star, this onahole is made of high quality ABS material and silicone for a long-lasting, great-feeling masturbation toy.

Included with the onahole is a small vibrator that fits into the back of the silicone part, adding sensation to the head of your cock while using the toy. With 3 types to choose from, including the anus style, mouth style, and for those of you who are into that kind of stuff, a vagina style.

Easy to clean, just pull the silicone part out, rinse it with warm water and soap, let sit to dry, and replace into the plastic shell.

Review by Atoro:

I've used this one many times. It's super soft, and more gentle to those with sensitive glans than a lot of the other toys. With a few drops of lube, this toy is good to go, and easy to slip into. Perfect size for me, can bury my dick all the way in comfortably. The plastic shell makes it easy to hold onto, and there's a hole in the top to control airflow by covering or uncovering it with your finger so you can make it firmer or looser, like it's sucking you in. Definitely a great toy, and one I'll be using many more times. Also fun to use on a partner since it's easier to handle, freeing up your other hand for ball fondling or whatnot. It also comes with a bullet vibrator and a slot on the backside of the silicone to put it into.

Length 15.2cm / 6"
Width 6.6cm / 2.6"
Material Silicone with ABS plastic shell

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Nano Toys SHOOTER Onahole

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