This revolutionary silica gel ripple design offers the user maximum sensation for duration training exercises, helping you train your body for endurance while maximizing your sensations. This easy, clean and go, reuseable design, offers you the ability to use, clean, and reuse the device as many times as your body can handle. Simply rinse the toy with warm water, let dry, and you’re done. For EXTRA uke-warm conditions, soak the toy in warm water prior to using, the warmth and slick sensation will mimic a wet uke for your enjoyment.
The internal ripple design maximizes your insertion sensations, and peaks at the very tip, where sensitize nubs massage every inch.

Review by Atoro

After receiving this item myself, I took it for a spin using some of the Black Monogatari lube (Yaoi Sex Lube) we have, and I've gotta say this thing is definitely going to be put to more use! It's nice and compact, not overly sized and awkward to use. The little rubber 'handle' kinda thing makes it easy to hold only even when slippery. The hole is definitely tight, and the curves inside make for a great sensation when in use, with the small ridges gripping tightly with every stroke. It's a closed-ended jacker, so it has great suction if you force some of the air out; it also has a little reservoir at the end to make some room for the grand finale.

I've used this toy a good dozen times since I got it, both alone and with my partner, and it's equally fun to use it on somebody else since it frees up your mouth and other hand to do other things. All in all, a very nice toy,a big softer than the Transparent Yaoi Onahole, and better suction than the hardcore seme masturbator. If you like how all that sounds, this is the one for you =)

Insertable Length 15cm / 5.9"
Material TPR Plastic

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Seme Training Masturbator

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