Why We Will Not Accept Paypal

There are many reasons why we will not take PayPal as a payment option. First and foremost, they closed my (Atoro's) business PayPal account that had been open for 8 years with no problem and blocked my social security number from being used on PayPal ever again, back when we DID take PayPal, the early weeks of Yaoihaven Reborn. I had been careful and taken precautions, even labeled everything as 'sales' and not 'donations', to avoid that exact scenario.

During the closure, they let us know that they would be holding onto every penny we had made in the preceding weeks for the next 6 months, leaving us with orders to fulfill, but no money to do so, and no way to pay for server hosting. It was a bad time for us, and almost shut us down before we took off. Luckily, we were able to get a merchant account and in just a short couple of weeks started taking credit cards directly on our site, no longer having to deal with anybody else holding onto our money.

Here are some other stories of PayPal being assholes to good people, good samaritans, and innocent people, for no good reason. Enjoy the read, and I hope you understand why we absolutely refuse to utilize PayPal's services now and until they (hopefully one day) go out of business.