About Artist Alley

What is Artist Alley?
Artist Alley is the new marketplace for Artist on The Yaoi Store! If you are looking for a place to sell your work, take commissions, even sell physical products, this is the place! With all the incoming traffic from Yaoi Haven Reborn, and customers already looking for yaoi related products, exposure is at it’s peak.

How many people will see this though?
Yaoi Haven Reborn proper receives around 5 million page views per month.

What does it cost me?
There is no monthly cost, only a 7% fee on sales. This covers the PayPal fees both in and out, as well.

How often do you pay out commissions from sales?
Payouts are made daily, so you get paid the same day you make a sale.

What are the rules?
By signing up to be a Vendor on The Yaoi Store, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below.

You acknowledge that all products, art, media, and services you sell are your own intellectual work which you are the copyright holder of or that you have authorization to resell. You are not allowed to sell art created by others without express written permission from the copyright holder. Basically, don’t sell it if it’s not yours, that’s both illegal and a total dick move.

You acknowledge that all Vendor sales are subject to scrutiny and Vendor accounts may be closed if there is suspicion of copyright infringement, intellectual property theft, illegal activity, or any other reason at any time. If you don’t sell other people’s shit, this will probably never happen to you, it’s to cover our own ass.

Where can I sign up?
Right here!