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If the training masturbator just didn’t do it for you, check this puppy out; 3 levels of pleasure that you control, from the long knobs in the entryway to the tight ridges in the middle, all the way to the reservoir tip you can squeeze around your cock as you thrust into it. Sounding good yet?

TPR means easy cleanup afterwards, just run warm water through it with some mild hand soap and you’re all set. Try one on today!

Review by Atoro

Now this is a nice toy! It’s nice and tight, but soft to the touch, and the ridges are small and plentiful, meaning lots of stimulation. The end is open, so you can either go at it full speed, or cover the hole to get some good suction for a slower, more intense feeling. The opening is huge, so no worries about hitting the target, and there are nice long nodules to guide your dick in as well. They feel great when teasing the tip, brushing lightly against the glans. My partner can barely contain himself when I tease him like that! The open design means it’s easy to clean, just run some water through it and use hand soap, all done. Overall, easy to use, easy to clean, and just the right softness, 10/10 would fap

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2 reviews for Hardcore Seme Masturbator

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    I’ve owned one of these for a few months now, but unfortunately it has become unusable. It seems like the design of this particular masturbator is -very- fragile, as I somehow managed to tear a piece of the velvety material after my very first use! Now it looks like it’s been through a blender; there are tears and cracks on every side of the poor thing that make it uncomfortable to use for masturbation any longer, so I’m simply tossing it.

    It definitely got the job done when it was still in working condition, however! Feeling that heavily lubricated velvety material slide up and down my cock brought me to many orgasms. As my very first toy, I can say I am pleased with the product, but I just wish it weren’t so easy to break! If you can’t afford a better one, or if you’re just trying to test the waters of masturbators, I’d say this is a good start. Otherwise, you’re better off saving your money or getting a better quality one! (Review transferred from old store and not altered in any way)

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I got this product today it it held up fine and i had no issues, but the material is very tough to push through even with lube, and when you get semi erect vs full erection it makes it almost impossible to push through. I don’t use these things often this is actually my fist one, but i find it very difficult to get off to it, i will definitely use it more now that i have it but maybe it just have to acclimate to it. As of now i would give this product a 7/10. (Review transferred from old store and not altered in any way)

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